Perfect In-Season Pitching and Strength Maintenance System

Perfect In-Season Pitching and Strength Maintenance SystemNearly all youthful pitchers these days do not have much of an off season due to the popularity of travel teams along with the mix of prep, summer and fall leagues. This has brought on an increase in elbow and shoulder injuries at a early age for pitchers who are not allowing themselves an off season to recover and rebuild. I was a subject of this never-ending loop throughout my own career. I had rotator cuff surgery at 18 to fix a torn rotator cuff immediately after my 1st college start. Several common causes contributing to my tear, the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), lead by the legendary Dr. James Andrews, has defined as the explanation for the rise in elbow and shoulder injuries in youth pitchers inside their Position Statement released in 2011.

Three common factors of most pitching injuries:

  1. Excessive use of the Pitching arm
  2. Poor Throwing mechanics
  3. Poor strength and conditioning

This is important to be aware of since injury prevention ought to be the principal focus associated with a in-season pitching program. Based on this information an excellent in-season pitching method should include a lower number of throws to avoid too much use, drills to sustain good pitching mechanics and ultimately include a fitness program which will institute great health and fitness. [Read more…]

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